Lunetterie Générale is a design studio that creates exceptional eyewear made for everyday life.
We pay tribute to the beauty of timeless classics with remarkable savoir-faire and elevated aesthetics.


Our ambition is to create inspirational frames that will empower you to achieve the impossible and rediscover yourself.

Founded in 2018 by designer Julien Couture, Montreal-based atelier Lunetterie Générale’s frames pay homage to iconic symbols like Spitfire planes, Route 66, and Studio 54, resulting in wearable works of art specially crafted for culture vultures. Handmade in Japan with matchless craftsmanship and fashioned from noble, cutting-edge materials like cellulose acetate and beta titanium, each model is engineered to the highest modern standards. Designed to be worn for life, Lunetterie Générale glasses are instant wardrobe staples.