CHÂTEAU MARMONT HOTEL The name resonates with Hollywood's glamour and rebellious culture as the hotel became one of the favorite low-key hideaways for all generations of actors, musicians, and artists over the last decades by hosting some of Hollywood’s coolest private soirées.



“IF YOU MUST GET IN TROUBLE, do it at the Château Marmont”

Harry Cohn, Head of Columbia Pictures

Many Stars have set up temporary home at the Château Marmont, Marylin Monroe and photographer Helmut Newton were regular guests, James Dean hopped through a window to audition for Rebel Without a Cause, and Led Zeppelin tore through the lobby on motorcycles. The tales from the Château have become so legendary that anyone with even a passing interest in rock'n'roll or the entertainment industry will have heard a Hollywood story related to Château Marmont. The Château has also provided inspiration for writers, filmmakers, and musicians. It appeared in Sofia Coppola’s 2010 film Somewhere.

Designated as a cultural landmark in 1976, the Château Marmont has lost none of its sheen and continues to attract many A-list guests who became habitués of this legendary paparazzi-free zone. Today, it is still the quintessential Hollywood experience.

We've drawn inspiration from this almost century-old iconic venue and we’ve encapsulated this feeling of romantic rebellion. Marmont is an eye-catching style that offers a unique take on the retro rectangular shape with elegant hairline detailed temples and signature end tips. A timeless style to wear to be both noticed and discreet.

anarchic spirit of Europe’s boho riche

Live the 70s vibe